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“Over the past 15 years I have taught thousands of people how to use a camera. As a professional photographer I value time and simplicity. Camera Easy is my philosophy.”

Greg Johnson, The Tornado Hunter


What is Camera Easy?

Camera Easy is the best way to learn how to use your fancy camera. I have been a professional photographer for 20 years and I have been teaching photography for 15.

Cameras are intimidating and difficult to use. This is where Camera Easy comes to the rescue. My philosophy and teaching style is to eliminate all the distractions. Today’s cameras have too many bells and whistles and buttons and dials. It’s very distracting, creates confusion, and prevents newbies from getting any enjoyment out of their new investment.

Camera Easy is at its core, my own personal method of shooting photos. This is what I do. 


Who is this Tornado Hunter guy?

You may wonder why my title is listed as The Tornado Hunter. That is what I do (Tornado Hunters, on Netflix US). I am a storm chaser and photographer first. I travel all over North America hunting down the baddest storms I can find. I want you to imagine shooting photos in that environment…you need to:

      1. Get it right the first time, there is no second chance (same as photographing a wedding)…
      2. Work quickly, there is very little time to fiddle with settings… and
      3. Get great quality, sharp, focused and brilliant images.

Camera Easy works because I have to keep it as simple as possible or I cannot do these three things. For me, it’s a tornado coming towards me. For you, it may be a 3-year-old making a funny face or a bride walking down the aisle. It’s easy. And it works. You will understand the camera and you will start to enjoy photography. I guarantee it.


Four learning modes in CameraEasy

1 – ONLINE COURSE MODULES. You get access whenever you like from any device. Proceed through the course lessons at your own pace and review as often as you like. There are sample photos, video tutorials and written instructions. All of this and bonus lessons are included with your basic membership. It is simple and you will understand how your camera works.

2 – LIVE VIDEO LESSONS. With a professional membership, you will have unlimited access to live-online lessons with an instructor. Each lesson has a maximum of 8 live guests so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get the answers you need. You will master the camera and editing your photos.

3 – ONGOING SUPPORT AND COMMUNITY. All CameraEasy memberships come with inclusion in our private Facebook community. There are weekly challenges, photo contests, support, meetups, and plenty of feedback on your work.

4 – LIVE EVENTS. Assuming that life gets back to normal, our live event schedule will return and includes weekend workshops in a city near you, photography trips to incredible destinations including Yukon, Newfoundland, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Tornado Alley.


Is CameraEasy right for you?

CameraEasy is perfect for newbie photographers and those with experience. If you are just starting out, start at the first course module and work from there. If you have experience but want to refine your skills and take amazing photos, the Pro membership gives you the opportunity to join live lessons on a wide variety of topics.

1 – GUARANTEED BETTER PHOTOS. You will have a better understanding of how the camera works and what to look for to get great images.

2 – IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, ASK IT. If you need feedback on a photo, you can submit the image for analysis. Our private Facebook community provides endless support and encouragement and a forum to share and learn.

3 – WEEKLY CHALLENGES and the opportunity to participate in excursions, provides opportunities for ongoing learning.


Learn to use your Camera

This is the course that starts it all. This is the foundation that every photographer, new or seasoned, must know.

Composition Course

Now that we have the technical side of the camera rocking, let’s start making great compositions

Workflow Process Course

Managing your photos, including sorting, editing, renaming and resizing.