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Workflow Course

What do you do with all those photos? Downloading, organizing, basic editing and saving

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What is workflow

Workflow is image management from camera to printing

There are as many ways to manage photos as there are photographers. This course will outline my tried and time tested method of managing, organizing and editing images. Quick. Simple. Effective

The Workflow Course will cover:

What format should you be shooting in? RAW vs Jpeg.

Downloading. You will learn my battle tested method of downloading that will keep all your images organized and keep your computer time to a minimum.

Image browsing Software. You will learn about my favourite software for managing photos. This is a giant game changer. You will be able to shoot and process 1000’s of images in minutes.

Folder Structure. Again, this is a battle tested method, which is born from years of trial and error and a desire for organization and quick workflow.

Our goal is simplicity and speed.

Step by Step photo sorting and selecting. We will walk through a typical photo shoot from the very start to the very end. Step by Step.

Photo Editing Basics. You will learn the key steps in photo editing that will take the photos you shoot and give them that added wow factor.

Saving for website and social media. If you are using your images for a website or for social media, there is an easy method to make sure they look their best.

What will I get?

Workflow Course includes:

Tried and Tested Method

You will become familiar with the tried and tested system that has been created over many years of ‘in-the-field’ work. The course will simplify the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to manage and edit a high volume of images.

The Right Stuff

You cannot build a house if you don’t have the right tools. In the same way, you cannot manage and edit your photos without the right tool. This course will reveal my favourite software and how to use it.

I could never imagine taking a thousand photos at my kids events, because I knew that it would take me forever to go through them. This software and understanding how to use it, changed photography for me. Now, I am not afraid to pull the trigger.

Andrea D, Edmonton

Who should take this course?

The Hoarder

The hoarder has taken a ton of photos. Rather than organizing or even doing anything with them, the photos just keep piling up.

The Anti-geek

The AG is not a fan of technology. She hates staring at a computer screen all day and really doesn't care to spend every waking moment on the computer

The Scaredy Cat

The Scaredy Cat is afraid to push the trigger too much. She doesn't want too many photos because thats a lot of work!

Think of it like this

If someone told you there was a way that you could cut the amount of time it takes you to go through and pick your photos, edit them, back them up, print them, post them and you could do it all in 1/10th of the time…would you be interested? That’s what this course provides. Take more images and spend less time working on them. It is real…not fantasy.

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Does your recommended software come with the course?

No, you will get a recommendation and the lessons will show you the method of using the software, but purchasing the software is your responsibility. Don’t worry, this isn’t some scheme to sell expensive software. I have been using it for 18 years and it costs under $100 for a lifetime license. Far cheaper and easier than most.

Is this the only way to manage photos?

Definitely not! There are as many different workflows as there are photographers. However, this workflow is simple, effective and very fast. Its easy to learn and has been tried and tested and it simply works. i have made a very good living as a photographer and this is MY method.

What if I like most of this workflow but I am already using a photo editor and I really like it?

Keep using your photo editor. You can adopt this workflow to speed up your process and make your life easier and still use the editing software that you are already familiar with.

I am not technically inclined. Will this course be over my head?

No. This course represents the easiest, fastest and most intuitive workflow that exists. If you got this far and have figured out how the camera works, then this will be a piece of cake.

What’s next? How does this work?

You will go through the lessons in this course and at the end, you will be set to start organizing your images on your computer in a stress free method. You will learn to download with a few really neat features. You will get a method of managing photos that will quite literally, leave you saying why haven’t I done this before now?

Not everyone wants to spend time on the computer editing photos. Very understandable. Lets make the editing process easy and fast.

You will be given step by step instructions on how to install the recommended software and then how to use it. You will need to purchase the software from the vendor but that part is easy and believe it or not, its inexpensive and a one-time purchase.

30 DAY Guarantee! Better Skills and Knowledge

CameraEasy Guarantee

You will love this workflow method and it will change your view of photography. As with all CameraEasy courses, if this doesn’t help you get better photos and simplify the process, then you will get your money back.

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Love from our favourite people

this is by far the best money I have spent on my camera gear. If I could start all over again, I would take this course the day I bought the camera, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

Alexandra Krings

Sign me up!

Annual Subscription
$99CAD Annually
Annual subscription includes the workflow course and all other courses and bonus content
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Monthly Subscription
$12CAD Monthly

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Full Site Access to All Courses and Bonus material
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